19 inch studio racks

19 inch studio rack furniture built from reclaimed wood.  These 19 inch studio racks make very chunky, sturdy housings for synth modules and outboard processors.  We can make a variety of different types of 19″ rack unit built to order and often to your specifications.

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When making these rack units I choose wood that has knots, splits and signs of distress that can be accentuated during the finishing process.  These units have been sanded smooth and finished with several coats of Danish oil to protect the wood and add depth to the grain.  The end result is a unique, handmade piece of studio furniture that is very sturdy, full of character and incredibly solid.

Given the modular nature of these studio racks, they can be stacked up or arranged as bases for monitors, drum machines etc.  The edges and front corners are typically rounded off, if you prefer yours to be left square please let me know when ordering.