Split rack units

Versatile 19″ split rack unit divided into one vertical rack face and an angled rack face above it.  The top is flat and solid enough to place equipment or other units on.  These rack units can be mounted on wheels if needed.

19" split rack unit

Split rack 8u + 8u

Split rack 8u + 8u

Split rack 8u + 8u

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19″ split rack unit
£325 (Price includes VAT @ 20%)



Split rack unit made from reclaimed wood.  Most popular is the 8u x 8u split, however any configuration is possible (e.g. 8u x 6u, or 6u x 4u for example).


  • Height (8u x 8u without wheels): 83cm
  • Width: 55.5cm
  • Depth top: 30cm
  • Depth base: 44cm

Price: £325 inc VAT (based on the above dimensions)


  • Set of 4 castor wheels (2 lockable): £20 inc VAT 
  • Rear rack strip: Contact me with number of units required
  • Drawer in vertical section: £60 inc VAT