Care for your furniture

Most of the items we produce are finished in Danish oil. This gives a wipe clean, non-toxic finish that brings out the grain whilst protecting and nourishing the wood.  If you spill anything on your furniture, wipe it up before it dries to avoid serious scrubbing. If you happen to scratch or damage the surface of your furniture, you can touch up the finish with more Danish oil using a soft cloth or paintbrush. (You might want to open the windows first though!)

If you are moving your furniture, be sure to lift it rather than dragging it across the floor as this could weaken any joints and damage your floor.  Also bear in mind that it could be very heavy so don’t go injuring yourself!

If you are placing larger pieces onto a polished floor, you may want to invest in some felt pads (or similar) to protect your floor.

Be aware that wood – being an organic material – can sometimes shrink or move slightly when placed in new surroundings.  Ideally keep your furniture away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight, although I appreciate that this isn’t always practical.  We do our best to minimise any movement that may occur by drying the wood out over several months prior to working on it and (where necessary) bracing it.

In the unlikely event that the wood does move, it will tend to slightly open up any existing gaps in the grain.  Given the nature of the furniture that we produce, this can be seen as a positive thing as it accentuates the rustic nature of reclaimed wood.