Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed woodAccording to the charity WRAP, over 4.5 million tonnes of wood waste is generated in the UK each year (WRAP 2009). That’s a lot of wood! Only a very small percentage of this wood ends up being recycled.

More and more individuals are now looking to reuse or upcycle materials to lessen the impact on our planet and make the most of our limited resources.

By using reclaimed wood, Chunky Reclaimed Furniture aims to make a make a difference to the amount of wood that is thrown in landfills, or turned into chippings for burning. A side benefit of this is that furniture made from reclaimed wood (in our opinion) has a lot more character than new wood. Surely this is a win – win situation both for the consumer and the planet!

Wood that has been previously used in industry or construction is going to bear evidence of former use, these scars can be exploited when building the furniture – anything from rusty nail holes, to notches and joist marks – all look great when sanded down and oiled up. This brings a unique bit of history into your home or office.

No two items that we produce are going to look exactly the same, as each piece of wood has its own story to tell. Combine that with the fact that everything is handmade (often to your dimensions) and you have a bespoke piece of furniture with truly green credentials!